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Alarms For the Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

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What can a smoke alarm do if you are deaf?

Alarms For the Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

Fire and smoke detectors usually have a siren loud enough so everyone in the house and most nearby neighbors can hear them. If it is wirelessly communicating with your home security system the command station's alarm will be even louder.

But what does a person who is deaf or hard of hearing do to protect themselves and their home?

  • Most manufacturers today make alarms that are designed specifically for this situation. Rather than just a loud siren blaring in your home to no avail, there are devices that use a powerful strobe light to let you know when smoke is detected.
  • The flashing light in this wireless security systemis tested to insure a specific high intensity standard that can wake you when you are asleep.
  • If you already have a smoke detector in your home but cannot hear the siren, there are external strobe lights that can be purchased and attached to your existing smoke detector. Check the manufacturers for compatibility before purchasing one.
If you are deaf or hard of hearing it is important that you communicate this to your home security company so they can equip you with the proper system to accommodate your needs.



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