Light's On But Nobody's Home

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Can I put my living room lights on timers using my home security system?

Light's On But Nobody's Home

Through your wireless home security system you have the option of programming your interior lights on a timer. You can set them to turn on at a specific time each night so whether you are home or not, it gives the impression that someone is.

Burglars often look for an empty house that they can get in and out of quickly. If they think someone is home they will most likely move on and that is exactly what this function is meant for.

The first purpose of an alarm system should be to scare burglars out of even trying to break into your house. Then, if they still target your home, a wireless home security system will stop them in their tracks before they get their hands on anything.

You can program the timer through your wireless home security system's command station. If you are worried about your electric bill, fear not. Home automation systems allow you to program the length of time lights stay on, which light fixtures will turn on and which ones will stay off.

Even one light on for a few hours while you are out of the house can make the difference between a burglar choosing your house or moving on to another one.



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