Burglars Are Fast, But Your Alarm Is Faster

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How long does the average burglar spend in a house?

Burglars Are Fast, But Your Alarm Is Faster

Studies have shown that most burglaries are carried out in under 10 minutes. A burglar alarm needs to be faster than the burglar. A weak point in your wireless home security defenses provides a criminal with more time to get in your house and take what they want.

Install the best equipment at every entry point to your house. Use motion detectors in your yard and outdoor lights to eliminate the burglar's stealthy approach. Use reinforced glass windows with glass break sensors and anti-lift devices.

Outdoor security cameras put the idea that they can be identified into the burglar's head.

With each line of defense, whether they are home automation products or yard security signs, you take time away from the criminal. Suddenly that 10 minutes gets reduced by so much that they simply are not fast enough to beat your home security system. The right equipment takes time and makes it work for you.

If you do manage to capture a thief's face on camera, make sure to provide the police with that tape so they can be on the lookout for him. Your burglar alarm could help prevent another family from being victimized.



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