Night Vision Cameras

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Can my security cameras record at night?

Night Vision Cameras

Home automation products like outdoor cameras have become very popular in recent years. Wireless home security systems use these devices as a way to protect homes whenever a threat presents itself. Whether activated by motion or a timer, they provide a convenience and sense of security at the same time.

Some outdoor security cameras can now automatically switch to night vision recording in the evening, providing clearer recordings at night. These can help to identify burglars in dark areas and assist police in apprehending them.

Not all cameras have this capability and the ones that do may be a little more expensive. Ask your Alarm company if they have models with this function or what other manufacturers make models that are compatible with your system.

Wireless home automation can control everything from security cameras and lights to household appliances and home entertainment centers. They can give the impression that someone is home as a deterrent, or they can sound an alarm to scare a thief away before he or she can break into your house.



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