X10 Socket Rocket!

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What is the X10 Socket Rocket?

X10 Socket Rocket!

The X10 Socket Rocket is a great home automation product that allows you to control lights remotely from another room or even the other end of the house. Screw the device into any light fixture, screw in a bulb and switch the power on. Then you send the Socket Rocket a code from your wireless home security system's command station and you can control the light fixture from anywhere in the house.

This is a great addition to any Protect America security package, especially for people who are elderly or have physical disabilities that make it difficult to walk across a room and manually turn something on.

Previous models before the new X10 were much larger, limiting the light fixtures that they could be attached to and drawing too much visual attention to themselves. The latest model is smaller and easy to install.

Measuring in at two inches long and one inch in diameter with a 3/8-inch block on one side, the Socket Rocket can work with most light fixtures and not be an eyesore in your house while doing so.



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