Child & Fire Safety

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What can I do to increase child fire safety?

Child & Fire Safety

Every child's bedroom should be equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for fire safety. These devices can work wirelessly with your home security system to alert you of an emergency.

While the detectors can also work independently from your security alarm, it is better to have them all integrated. If there is a fire or high levels of carbon monoxide in a child's room the alarm company is immediately notified. This can save a lot of time in case of an emergency

Separate sensors are usually loud enough to get your attention and maybe that of a neighbor's, but the time saved by your monitoring company alerting the local authorities and emergency services may be critical. It can dramatically cut down response time.

No matter what, every child's room needs to be monitored and protected, but having those sensors connected to your security alarm is the best and safest option. Ask your alarm company for sensors that will work with your existing system to provide the best child safety.



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