Educating Kids About Fire Safety & Alarms

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What should I do to improve my children's fire safety at home?

Educating Kids About Fire Safety & Alarms

When it comes to your children fire safety should be a paramount concern. It is very important to educate them at a young age about the dangers of fire. They need to know that it can harm them and they should stay away from it at all times.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the majority of people killed in fires started by children are under the age of five. These fires are also the leading cause of death among preschoolers.

NEVER leave matches or a lighter lying around where a child can reach them. An NFPA study showed that two out of three fires started by children began with lighters or matches.

Teach your children at an early age what it means when the smoke alarm or home security system goes off. If they know it means there may be a fire there is a better chance they will follow the proper steps you teach them.

Keeping your kids safe starts with educating them. Fire safety is the most important thing to impart on children at a young age to avoid them starting a fire or being hurt in one.



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