Creating A Family Emergency Plan

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Does your family have an emergency plan?

Creating A Family Emergency Plan

Home security companies design their systems to protect your home and family from criminals, fire, flood and more. That is only half of the equation, though. The other half is preparation.

Sit down with your family and come up with an emergency plan. Your kids should know what exits to use, where the nearest phone is, who to call and where to meet you if you are separated during an emergency. They should know what the smoke alarm sounds like versus a door or window alarm.

In the event that you are not home or are unable to reach your children, make sure your teenagers know to keep their younger siblings with them and get them out of the house safely.

Go over topics like fire safety or what to do if there is a burglar in the house so they are properly prepared and able to remain safe. If your kids know what to do in an emergency situation it can stop them from panicking and getting hurt.

Family fire or emergency drills are a good way of practicing so your kids understand what they need to do when a real situation presents itself.



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