Door Chime

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Can my alarm system alert me every time a door is opened?

Door Chime

Wireless security systems have a number of features that protect you from a range of threats to home safety. They can also help to keep track of every time someone goes in and out of your house.

You can choose to set your wireless alarm system to act as a door chime, letting you know every time someone opens a door. That little chime can tell you if your children have come home later than their curfew or are leaving when they should not be.

They can alert you to a younger child opening a door when they are not meant to, giving you a chance to stop your little one from wandering outside unattended. This feature is a good way to constantly monitor the performance of the home security system and may give you the chance to fix a small problem before it causes an even bigger one.

If you want your alarm to act as a door chime for your house this function can be set through the command station. It will work for any door covered by your security system in the house, including garage doors—so you know when you teenager‘s car pulls in too.



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