Knowing Your Kids' Friends & Their Parents

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Have you met the parents of your child's friends?

Knowing Your Kids' Friends & Their Parents

As your kids become teenagers and delve into high school the number of other kids they meet skyrockets. Sometimes it may even seem like a revolving door of new friends, boyfriends and girlfriends.

Part of keeping teens safe is keeping track of who their friends are and who their friends' parents are. If their parents often leave them unsupervised at home than that means your teen might be unsupervised while at their house.

You work hard to make sure your kids are safe in your own home and you want them to be safe when they're in someone else's house too. Do they have a home security system? Are there smoke and Co2 detectors in the house?

Knowing how seriously they take their own home security and the safety of their kids will give you an idea of how safe your teen is with them. If you are not satisfied with the security of a friend's home, have your kids bring them to your house instead. This way you know that they are supervised by adults and are safe in your house.

Home safety for kids should be just as important to other parents as it is to you.



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