Internet Safety Is Part Of Home Safety

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Do you keep information about your security system on a computer connected to the Internet?

Internet Safety Is Part Of Home Safety

Internet use is a big part of home safety. Any computer in your home connected to the Internet could be targeted by hackers looking to steal personal information. This includes information about your home security system.

Never store password information and other sensitive materials about your burglar alarm system on a computer. All of this data should be on hard copies (paper) and stored inside your home.

With chat rooms and instant messaging so popular these days, make sure that your kids do not share any of this information with people over the Internet. There are also parental locks that can be used on computers to stop kids from viewing sites that do not meet your approval or attempt to retrieve information from your hard drive.

The Internet is a vast source of information and content, but not all of it is appropriate for your kids. Home safety extends to the computer, so make sure the time your teenager spends on the Internet is productive and does not negatively impact their safety or the safety of your house.



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