Reinforced Glass

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Do you have reinforced glass windows?

Reinforced Glass

In order to improve your home security consider replacing your existing windows and glass doors with reinforced glass. These make it much harder for a burglar to break and get into your home. There are several different types of reinforced glass that can dramatically improve your safety.

Some manufactures use wire mesh embedded in the panes so they cannot be broken through like a normal window. Even if the window breaks, the wire and a lot of broken glass still stands between the burglar and your home (and of course your alarm system).

Others use what are referred to as glass bricks. These are thick and very difficult to break. They also allow light to pass through into your home while preventing people outside from seeing in. If a would-be thief cannot see into your home they are not able to see something they might want to steal.

Some other common methods of reinforcing glass doors and windows involve using carbon fiber or vinyl materials in the construction process. These types of glass make your house nearly impenetrable, requiring far more time and effort than your average burglar is willing to put in.

They are a perfect complement to a home security alarm that protects windows as well as all other areas of your home. Notify your security company about these types of windows beforehand so they can walk you through the best alarm options to go with your windows.



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