Window Sensors

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Do you have enough window sensors to secure all windows in your home?

Window Sensors

Windows do not always have the highest quality locks, so burglars do not necessarily have to break the glass to get in. Often times they will try and pick or dismantle the lock and open the window without breaking anything. Window sensors are the answer to this problem.

Every Protect America home security alarm comes with a number of door and window sensors. The sensors are wireless and can be used in any room in the house. When the alarm system is activated and the window is opened a siren will go off. The monitoring station will be notified immediately of a possible break-in.

When deciding on a home security alarm package, count the number of doors and windows in your home. Make sure to get enough to have every entry point in the house secured.

Remember to include sensors for upper floors as well as the ground floor. Burglars can climb to higher windows so those are just as important to your home security as the ones on the ground. Forgetting to safeguard these upper floors is not uncommon but does leave you vulnerable.



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