Keep Valuables Away From Windows

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Are there valuable items in your house clearly visible through a window?

Keep Valuables Away From Windows

What can be seen through a window is often what entices burglars the most. When possible, you want to avoid placing valuable items in plain sight of windows. This may affect the way your furniture is set up, but it is well worth it.

For example, placing a home entertainment system (flat screen TV, DVD player, game system, speakers, etc.) where it can be easily seen through a window can be dangerous. Not only are all those things items that a burglar might want to steal, but they will likely assume that there are more valuables in other parts of the house.

The first thing that should catch the eye of a thief if they look at your window should be the sticker announcing your home is protected by a burglar alarm system. If they see that sticker rather than something expensive worth stealing, they will likely decide the likelihood of getting caught is not worth the risk. The best home security alarm is one that scares burglars away.

Other valuable items like jewelry can be engraved with your name, phone number or address to discourage thieves from taking something that can be easily identified as stolen. When you purchase anything expensive like a TV or jewelry, do not leave the box or bag outside where it can be clearly seen by people passing by. Keep it in your house until the trash is collected so you are not advertising expensive items that can be stolen.



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