Your Street Is A Cop's Beat

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Do you know your local police officers?

Your Street Is A Cop's Beat

Getting to know your local police officers patrolling the neighborhood is another great way to improve your home security. By having a good relationship with these officers you can communicate concerns with law enforcement more effectively.

As someone peace officers recognize rather than just another face in the neighborhood, your family and home will become more noticeable to them. This means that they might be more attuned to irregular activity around your home.

Let them get to know your children as well (what school they go to, their ages, who their friends in the neighborhood are, etc.). Anything you can do to improve child safety inside and outside your home important.

In the case of an alarm being triggered at your house, the police knowing who you are and where your house is exactly can cut down on response time. This improves the chances of a burglar being caught or a family member being rescued from a fire or other incident.

When a criminal sees that the community has a good relationship with the police department warning signals go off in their heads. A neighborhood watch and community members with strong ties to the local police, plus home security systems, equals a bad ending for burglars … and they know it.



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