Crime Watch Meetings

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Do you hold regular meetings?

Crime Watch Meetings

An effective neighborhood crime watch has to employ good communication. In order to have that the members must meet regularly and discuss issues related to their community. Scheduling regular group meetings is the first step.

These meetings should be a forum to voice concerns and issues on the minds of your neighbors, but they can also serve other important purposes. They can provide a means of identifying problem areas in the neighborhood, creating watch patrol schedules, and more. They can also be used as seminars on self-defense or other services offered by local law enforcement.

If you have a set location for these meetings that‘s great, but don‘t worry if you do not.. You can always alternate locations by holding them in different members' homes. This will often make people more comfortable and encourage them to become more involved.

Whether you choose to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings is up to the community. Emergency meetings can be called as needed, and a web site forum can help members communicate in between gatherings. Create a blog or forum online where community members can discuss all kinds of topics related to the community and neighborhood watch tips.



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