Securing Apartment Windows & Doors

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Can your windows be accessed by fire escape or other means?

Securing Apartment Windows & Doors

A common mistake among people living in apartment buildings is failing to secure windows. You may think that you are safe because you are on the twelfth floor, but thinking like that can get you into trouble.

Windows can be accessed by fire escape ladders, patios, a window from the building next door if close enough, and more. Patios with sliding glass doors are particularly vulnerable and often targeted by burglars. Protect America home alarm systems come with sensors for your windows that can detect if they are opened or if the glass breaks.

Some apartments are joined by a door that has been sealed shut and is no longer in use. These can still be used by burglars to gain access to your home. Security packages come with sensors for your doors as well as windows. Place one on these types of doors as well as all the “working” entry points.

Any potential access points should be secured. In apartments people often overlook these things because they do not recognize the vulnerability that they present.



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