Sound The Alarm!

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Is your alarm loud enough to alert neighbors and scare off burglars?

Sound The Alarm!

If a burglar tries to break into your apartment you want everyone to know it. You want a siren so loud the thief cannot think straight; one that gets the attention of everyone in the area so they know someone is committing a crime.

Protect America offers alarm sirens that will make a burglar turn on his or her heels and run like the wind. Devices like the X10 Powerhorn Siren can reach 105 db. They can be plugged in anywhere in your apartment and work through your existing home wiring.

The siren responds to an alert signal sent from your home alarm system Command Station and makes a sound no burglar is going to stick around and listen to.

The point of home security alarms is to make criminals uncomfortable. If they are uncomfortable when they come to your door they will not stay. In your home you want an alarm that does not just notify the alarm company, but one that notifies everyone within earshot and scares the intruder into leaving before they get the chance to take anything.

The noise won't bother your neighbors when they realize that burglar won't be coming back to the building again. Protecting your own home improves the apartment building security across the board.



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