Fake Security Cameras May Get the Job Done

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Do fake security cameras look real?

Fake Security Cameras May Get the Job Done

If you want the status that comes with having security cameras at your home -- but cannot really afford them -- consider installing fake security cameras. They look real. No one will know the difference.

Fake security cameras typically need only a AA battery to emit the blinking red light that indicates they are "on" and "recording." Fake security cameras come in as many models as the real ones. Some look like movie cameras, or the anti-theft cameras you see at stores. Others have the modern dome shape of outdoor lights. A lot of them come with cable, so they look like they are connected to an outlet. Some have a real camera lens, and the camera housing moves back and forth to add that touch of credibility.

Why buy and install fake security cameras?

  1. Some people consider them anti-theft devices. If your housekeeper or nanny think they are being watched, they are more likely to follow your rules.
  2. You can buy a large volume of cameras at a cheap price and install them throughout your property.
  3. Why bother with the hassle of real security cameras? Fake cameras are much easier to assemble and install.
  4. If you want a deterrent, the sight of a security camera on your property may be enough of a warning. Most thieves are amateurs, and will look for an easier target than a well-protected home.



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