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How many lights do you need for your property?

The Right Number Of Lights

The type of exterior lighting you may require depends on your home. How big is your yard? Front and back? Is it wide or narrow? Are there bushes or trees? Answers to these questions and more will tell you how many outdoor security lights you need, how strong they should be and where to place them.

The goal is to illuminate the whole area so that there is no part of the yard or surrounding area that cannot be clearly viewed. This includes the backyard as well as the front, especially if it is bordered by woods. Wooded areas can be used to sneak up to a house, so lighting should reach past the first 5 to 10 yards of the tree line.

This is just one aspect of a home alarm system that can be customized to fit anyone's needs. Add the number of lights that will get the job done right to any package you choose. If you are not sure, let the security expert know the dimensions and physical makeup of your yard when ordering exterior lights. They can then give you an idea of how many you will need.

Do you have lights around your pool?

Lighting Your Pool At Night

Have you ever just wanted to dive into your pool on a hot summer night to cool off? Of course you have, but doing so in the dark can be dangerous. You need to see where you are going and what you are doing.

Outdoor security lights are not just about warding off burglars and trespassers. Of paramount concern is your physical safety and avoiding accidents as well. Use your lights outside to illuminate pools, hot tubs and the surrounding areas so you can see clearly and avoid unnecessary injuries.

It is easy to trip on a rock and end up doing a swan dive into a pool. Whether it is the summer and the pool is full or winter and it is empty, that is a serious injury waiting to happen. During times when the pool is empty, place a reflective tarp over it that can be seen clearly in the lights.

Proper exterior lighting around pools is always important, especially if you enter the house through your backyard.

If you have a gazebo or pool house these need to be lit too. These are good places for a burglar to hide and are important parts of your home security.

Have you checked the bulbs in your security lights recently?

Don't Get Left Out In The Dark!

Outdoor security lighting can only help you if it is working properly. Make sure to check the bulbs and keep up with maintenance regularly. If you notice they are starting to dim, flicker, or give any other indication the bulb is reaching the end of its lifespan, replace it with a new one. It is better to replace the bulb early than to wait until it burns out while you are walking through your yard, leaving you standing in the dark.

Keep extra bulbs around the house so you never have to go without outdoor security lights. If after changing the bulb you find that a problem persists, it could be a wiring or hardware problem. Contact the home security company you purchased it from and ask them for assistance.

Do not wait to take care of issues like these. The longer you take to get on top of it the longer you go without that part of your alarm system working at full capacity.

Extended warranties are very helpful in maintaining security equipment outdoors that is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Check to see what the warranty covers so you know how to take care of any problem right away.

Are all your house entrances clearly lit and cameras working properly?

Lights! Camera! Non-Action?!

Lights! Camera! Action! It works in Hollywood and it can work in your front yard. First come the lights. Outdoor security lights eliminate the ability of burglars to creep up to your doors and windows. They are uncomfortable with being so visible and the lights make them stand out like a sore thumb.

Set up your lights, whether they are motion-sensitive or not, so that there are no shadows or dark places for someone to hide in as they approach the house. Make sure to place lights above all doorways into the house and on any porches. You want clearly lit and safe doorways leading in and out of your home.

Next comes the cameras. If you choose to have outdoor security cameras on your porch covering your yard, make sure they are not impeded by exterior lights. You do not want glare from another source affecting the video, but you do want to illuminate darker areas so the camera can get a clear view.

The action part should be called non-action truthfully, because if you follow the above steps along with a good burglar alarm there should be no action. Burglars should simply move on and leave your home alone. No one about to break the law wants be in the spotlight with a home security camera trained on them. A burglar is never ready for his or her close-up.

Are your yard security signs and window stickers clearly lit at night?

Illuminating Yard & Window Security Signs

Yard security signs and window stickers are a great way to let potential burglars know that your home is protected. But what happens at night when that visual aid is not so visible anymore?

Outdoor security lights are the answer to your problems. This is something you can add on to a burglar alarm that will increase your home security at night. Not only does this lighting allow you to see burglars in the yard or around the house, but it allows them to see what they are up against.

Use the exterior lights to display your yard signs and window stickers as prominently at night as they are during the day. The easier it is for a burglar to see those markers, the easier the decision is for them to move on to another house.

Security signs and stickers are given to alarm company customers for a reason, and that reason is just as valid in the evening as it is in daylight. If you take the proper steps your home will be safe regardless of the time of day.

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