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What is home automation?

Home Automation

Wireless home automation is a way to eliminate the tedious and repetitive tasks of your day and make life a little more convenient. With the right software and products, you can have things done automatically and save some time to complete more pressing tasks.

You can live the commercial where the smell of coffee wakes you up in the morning as your coffee machine turns itself on and starts a fresh pot. Your TV can be set to turn on so your local news, sports or weather greets you in the morning as you start your day.

You can set your entire wireless home security system to activate and deactivate itself at certain times each day. In the winter when it gets cold you can program the thermostat to turn on in the morning so it is already nice and warm when you get out of bed.

With the right third party home automation software and products, your entire home security system, entertainment center and more can be set to do exactly what you want when you want. Ask your security provider about software/hardware that works with your system.

How long does the average burglar spend in a house?

Burglars Are Fast, But Your Alarm Is Faster

Studies have shown that most burglaries are carried out in under 10 minutes. A burglar alarm needs to be faster than the burglar. A weak point in your wireless home security defenses provides a criminal with more time to get in your house and take what they want.

Install the best equipment at every entry point to your house. Use motion detectors in your yard and outdoor lights to eliminate the burglar's stealthy approach. Use reinforced glass windows with glass break sensors and anti-lift devices.

Outdoor security cameras put the idea that they can be identified into the burglar's head.

With each line of defense, whether they are home automation products or yard security signs, you take time away from the criminal. Suddenly that 10 minutes gets reduced by so much that they simply are not fast enough to beat your home security system. The right equipment takes time and makes it work for you.

If you do manage to capture a thief's face on camera, make sure to provide the police with that tape so they can be on the lookout for him. Your burglar alarm could help prevent another family from being victimized.

What is the X10 Socket Rocket?

X10 Socket Rocket!

The X10 Socket Rocket is a great home automation product that allows you to control lights remotely from another room or even the other end of the house. Screw the device into any light fixture, screw in a bulb and switch the power on. Then you send the Socket Rocket a code from your wireless home security system's command station and you can control the light fixture from anywhere in the house.

This is a great addition to any Protect America security package, especially for people who are elderly or have physical disabilities that make it difficult to walk across a room and manually turn something on.

Previous models before the new X10 were much larger, limiting the light fixtures that they could be attached to and drawing too much visual attention to themselves. The latest model is smaller and easy to install.

Measuring in at two inches long and one inch in diameter with a 3/8-inch block on one side, the Socket Rocket can work with most light fixtures and not be an eyesore in your house while doing so.

Can my security cameras record at night?

Night Vision Cameras

Home automation products like outdoor cameras have become very popular in recent years. Wireless home security systems use these devices as a way to protect homes whenever a threat presents itself. Whether activated by motion or a timer, they provide a convenience and sense of security at the same time.

Some outdoor security cameras can now automatically switch to night vision recording in the evening, providing clearer recordings at night. These can help to identify burglars in dark areas and assist police in apprehending them.

Not all cameras have this capability and the ones that do may be a little more expensive. Ask your Alarm company if they have models with this function or what other manufacturers make models that are compatible with your system.

Wireless home automation can control everything from security cameras and lights to household appliances and home entertainment centers. They can give the impression that someone is home as a deterrent, or they can sound an alarm to scare a thief away before he or she can break into your house.

Are your lights and cameras automated to turn on when you need them most?

Timing Is Everything

Outdoor cameras and lights are important parts of home automated security systems, but they do not need to be on 24 hours a day. Manually turning each component on every day can be an inconvenience, but luckily there are ways around this problem.

By setting these devices on automated timers or motion detectors, your cameras and lights will turn on when they are needed without you having to do it yourself. Choose the timer option and your outdoor security components will turn on at the same time each day no matter what.

If you go with motion detectors, your lights and cameras will turn on whenever movement is detected within the perimeter of your wireless security system.

Since equipment based on motion sensors will only turn on when there is movement in a protected zone, you may not notice malfunctions or problems with equipment right away. That is why it is important to test these devices once a week to make sure that they are in working order and will turn on when they are supposed to. The last thing you want is for them to fail when you need them the most.

Whether you use timers or motion sensors, both your home security and convenience are maximized while your house's vulnerability fades away.

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