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Do fake security cameras look real?

Fake Security Cameras May Get the Job Done

If you want the status that comes with having security cameras at your home -- but cannot really afford them -- consider installing fake security cameras. They look real. No one will know the difference.

Fake security cameras typically need only a AA battery to emit the blinking red light that indicates they are "on" and "recording." Fake security cameras come in as many models as the real ones. Some look like movie cameras, or the anti-theft cameras you see at stores. Others have the modern dome shape of outdoor lights. A lot of them come with cable, so they look like they are connected to an outlet. Some have a real camera lens, and the camera housing moves back and forth to add that touch of credibility.

Why buy and install fake security cameras?

  1. Some people consider them anti-theft devices. If your housekeeper or nanny think they are being watched, they are more likely to follow your rules.
  2. You can buy a large volume of cameras at a cheap price and install them throughout your property.
  3. Why bother with the hassle of real security cameras? Fake cameras are much easier to assemble and install.
  4. If you want a deterrent, the sight of a security camera on your property may be enough of a warning. Most thieves are amateurs, and will look for an easier target than a well-protected home.

How does remote surveillance work?

Remote Surveillance Lets You Check Up on Your Home

Remote Surveillance allows you to check on your home's security, even though you are miles away. Transreceivers use standard phone lines to send color video and audio from security cameras at your home or business.

Another option is to use your PC for remote surveillance of your home. With special software, you can log onto a Pentium desktop or laptop and connect with the master transreceiver at your home. You can then view video from up to six home security cameras, in real time.

What is the top choice in video recorders for my security camera?

Digital Video Recorders Offer Crystal Clear Playbacks

You can buy high-resolution security cameras to take the best pictures. But unless your have a quality video recorder, the playback may not look great.

The new generation of digital video recorders may be your best choice. They are superior to analog recorders in several ways.

  • DVRs can handle higher resolution videos than analog recorder can. Pair a DVR with a high resolution security camera, and the result is a sharp image on video.
  • DVRs also offer a high frame rate that easily exceeds analog recorders. The higher rate allows for a smooth playback. It ends annoying time delays and time lapses in your video recordings.
  • With DVRs, the quality of videos does not diminish over time. The video recording can be played back over and over without sacrificing the image quality.

Are there security camera systems for ordinary homeowners?

Home Security Cameras Are Not Just for Celebrities

You can be sure that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have 24-hour security camera surveillance of their homes. Their worldwide celebrity demands it.

But security cameras for home protection are not an exclusive luxury of the super-rich and famous. Your wealth, status or personal circumstances may make it necessary to purchase home security that goes far beyond a simple burglar alarm.

Increasingly, American consumers are buying home security camera systems. They are sold by many home/personal security retailers, and are widely available on the Internet.

Advances in technology make them more affordable than ever. Expect to pay up to $1,000 for a basic package to several thousand dollars for a state-of-the-art system. Some of the bigger digital systems come with a dozen or more waterproof cameras for indoor and outdoor monitoring. The cameras have what is known as an electronic iris and a wide angle lens.

Making them convenient are monitoring systems that can be set up using a standard cable modem and Internet connection. Just ask for a model that has "plug and play" capabilities.

What are bullet security cameras?

Bullet Security Cameras Are Small and Reliable

Bullet cameras are the camera of choice for many consumers looking to enhance home security. These video surveillance cameras are durable, and can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are small, so they are unlikely to be noticed. They are sophisticated, too.

Several different manufacturers produce bullet cameras, so shop around for the camera model that suits your security needs. Here are just a few of the uses for bullet cameras:

  1. Bullet cameras often are used as so-called nanny cams for discreetly monitoring babysitters or house cleaners while you are away.
  2. Some models have infrared capabilities, meaning they can "see" people in the dark and transmit the images onto film. These bullet cameras can be paired with home security alarms. They will record an intruder's movements on your property, as your alarm notifies authorities.
  3. Some models of bullet cameras work underwater, making them ideal for monitoring pool safety. These bullet cameras can operate in water as deep as 100 feet.

Is there a device that can detect hidden cameras in my home?

Is Someone Watching You? Handheld Device Lets You Know

Ever feel like you are being watched in your own home? Now you can find out if it's true -- or you are just being paranoid.

Shop at home security stores for tunable receiver monitors that will quickly detect wireless cameras in your home.

After detecting any hidden video camera, the handheld monitor lets you view what the hidden camera is videotaping. The monitor is small, no more than 2 1/2 inches high.

Here's how it works: The receiver scans common video frequencies -- 900Mhz, 1.2Ghz and 2.4Ghz. When it picks up a video camera transmitter, it sounds an alert. The receiver can lock in on video camera transmitters up to 500 feet away.

How can I find a security camera that produces a clear image?

Choose a Home Security Camera With High Resolution

Whether you are shopping for a home security camera system, time lapse security recorder, or nanny cam, check the camera's resolution for the best results. The best home security cameras will have the highest resolution.

What is resolution? It is determined by how many horizontal lines make up a picture on the TV screen. The more lines per image the clearer the picture should be.

The right resolution will provide images with clarity when you need them most. If your security camera captures a person on film committing a crime in your home, you need to have a clear image to identify him or her for police.

How can I check on my babysitter without her knowing it?

Nanny Cams Disguised as Teddy Bears

We've all heard of nanny cams: They let you spy on the babysitter to make sure she is doing her job. The key for many working parents is to unobtrusively observe her interactions with your child. It's easy if a security camera is hidden in a stuffed animal, boom box, or artificial plant.

Perhaps you suspect your nanny is pilfering small items from your home, or inviting her boyfriend over when she should be watching your child. She may not be giving your child proper attention, or using discipline that is inappropriate.

The surest way to evaluate performance is to watch her on the job without her knowing it. Some of the more popular nanny cams are disguised as ordinary household objects. They come packaged in stuffed toys, DVD players, radios, lamps, wall clocks, clock radios and smoke detectors. Because they are wireless they need only batteries to work, so they can be moved from room to room, and there are no cords sticking out from the hidden camera.

The rule of thumb for finding the right babysitter or nanny, is that if you think you need to spy on her with a security camera, then you probably have a problem on your hands. It may make the most sense to find another helper without trying to catch her breaking the rules.

How do night vision cameras work?

Night Vision Cameras Use Infrared Technology

Night vision cameras are not the stuff of James Bond flicks. They are widely available and can be part of your home security system.

With the right night-vision equipment, it is possible to see a person standing 200 yards away on a pitch-dark night. If you suspect an intruder is on your property at night, pick up the phone and dial 911.

But if you also want the high-tech excitement of conducting surveillance of your property, buy a night vision camera that uses image-enhancement technology. These high-resolution cameras "see" in the dark by enhancing infrared and visible light.

The cameras are computerized but rugged. They usually come with visors that protect the devices in rain or snow. But expect to pay a hefty price for a quality night vision camera. They can cost $700 or more.

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