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Are these systems a deterrent as well?

Alarms Are Deterrents

A burglar alarm can help catch thieves trying to break into your house, but it can also stop them from even trying. The simple presence of a security system makes criminals think twice before attempting to burglarize a home.

Since 1992 Protect America has provided state-of-the-art home protection systems throughout the United States. Thanks to this reputation, just seeing that a home is protected by one of these systems will make a thief reconsider breaking into that house.

The name Protect America is well-known and can go a long way in safeguarding your home. Do not fall into the trap of faking it though. Just putting a sign in your yard or on your house saying it is protected is not the same thing as being protected. Criminals know this and you should too.

When it is clear there is an actual burglar alarm present, they will move on to a home that is not secured like yours is. Protect America has been a leading provider of home security for 16 years.

Do burglaries happen more in the day or night?

Alarms Mean The Difference Between Daylight Savings & Losses

Of the residential burglaries reported in 2006, a staggering 63.1 percent occurred during the daytime. These numbers debunk a common misconception that homes get broken into mostly at night.

During the day, while you are at work and your kids are at school, your home is most vulnerable. With no one at home to deter a break-in, a burglar alarm is more necessary than ever.

Crime statistics show that this is the target time period for residential break-ins, while nighttime is when more businesses are broken into after closing. So don't get lulled into not arming your security system during the day.

Burglary statistics have proven homes are targeted more during these hours because people are not home and do not expect daytime break-ins. If there is no one home always set the alarm for your home safety.

With a 1.3 percent increase in burglaries from the previous year and 2/3 of the total number of offenses committed on residences, there is a lot of room for more homes to be hit during daylight. The time when most people think a home is safest is when criminals see them as most vulnerable.

Is a burglar alarm financially worth it?

Cost Of Home Safety Vs. Cost Of Being Burglarized

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's crime statistics for 2006, the average financial loss in cases of burglary was $1,834. In that same year burglaries cost victims in the United States an estimated $4 billion in property losses. Many of Protect America's home safety packages are free when you sign a 36-month service agreement. Other packages offer incredible discounts.

At $34.95 per month for monitoring, three years of service will still fall several hundred dollars short of the reported average loss in burglaries.

An added bonus from Protect America is that in the case of a burglary, the company will pay up to $250 of your homeowner's insurance deductible. Most insurance companies also offer a discount on homeowner's and renter's insurance premiums when you install a burglar alarm.

Protect America will provide you with a certificate of installation. All you have to do is give this to your insurance provider showing that you have a monitored security system.

A home protection system can not only protect your family, but it can also save you money. The savings comes in the form of discounted or free packages, insurance premium and deductible discounts, and the biggest one of all: the cost of your home being broken into.

do these alarms secure both windows and doors?

Cover All The Bases By Protecting Windows And Doors

Boarded-up or cracked windows are an easy target for burglars; they are practically open invitations. That is why Protect America security systems include sensors for all of your windows and doors, including garage doors. With their packages, every point of entrance is protected.

The types of sensors include devices that will alert you when a door/window is opened, sensors that detect if glass has been broken, or ones that detect a temperature drop in your home signifying an open point of entry.

So if a window or door breaks get it fixed right away. Do not cover it with plastic or wooden boards for extended periods of time. Leaving windows and doors exposed dramatically lowers your home safety and shows vulnerability. Burglar alarms can cover every possible way into your house a criminal might try to exploit. A broken window is vulnerable, but an intact one with sensors is not.

A sensor on every window and door leaves a thief with no option but to move on or get caught. Make sure you secure all of these access points, even ones on upper levels of your home. Ground level entrances are not the only ones that should be protected.

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