Alarms Are Deterrents

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Are these systems a deterrent as well?

Alarms Are Deterrents

A burglar alarm can help catch thieves trying to break into your house, but it can also stop them from even trying. The simple presence of a security system makes criminals think twice before attempting to burglarize a home.

Since 1992 Protect America has provided state-of-the-art home protection systems throughout the United States. Thanks to this reputation, just seeing that a home is protected by one of these systems will make a thief reconsider breaking into that house.

The name Protect America is well-known and can go a long way in safeguarding your home. Do not fall into the trap of faking it though. Just putting a sign in your yard or on your house saying it is protected is not the same thing as being protected. Criminals know this and you should too.

When it is clear there is an actual burglar alarm present, they will move on to a home that is not secured like yours is. Protect America has been a leading provider of home security for 16 years.



11/12/2008 8:05:29 AM
Miles said:

It is important to understand the difference between "being protected" and securing a property. Alarm systems do not "protect". That would be a live guard, or maybe a dog. Alarm system secure a property. They can tell you when a property is breached and when it has not (if designed properly). They will not protect your property from anyone.


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