Cover All The Bases By Protecting Windows And Doors

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do these alarms secure both windows and doors?

Cover All The Bases By Protecting Windows And Doors

Boarded-up or cracked windows are an easy target for burglars; they are practically open invitations. That is why Protect America security systems include sensors for all of your windows and doors, including garage doors. With their packages, every point of entrance is protected.

The types of sensors include devices that will alert you when a door/window is opened, sensors that detect if glass has been broken, or ones that detect a temperature drop in your home signifying an open point of entry.

So if a window or door breaks get it fixed right away. Do not cover it with plastic or wooden boards for extended periods of time. Leaving windows and doors exposed dramatically lowers your home safety and shows vulnerability. Burglar alarms can cover every possible way into your house a criminal might try to exploit. A broken window is vulnerable, but an intact one with sensors is not.

A sensor on every window and door leaves a thief with no option but to move on or get caught. Make sure you secure all of these access points, even ones on upper levels of your home. Ground level entrances are not the only ones that should be protected.



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