Internet Connects Home Security Systems to Monitors

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Can I get home security monitoring without landline service?

Internet Connects Home Security Systems to Monitors

With portable cell phones that go where you go, who needs LAN lines?

Many Americans are asking themselves this very question. Their answer may be to disconnect LAN lines, because they duplicate cell phone service.

Home security companies have responded to the change by offering 24-hour-a-day monitoring services that do not require a LAN line.

Check out the following options:

  1. Broadband monitoring is the choice for home security customers who use cell phones exclusively at home. Instead of plugging into a traditional phone line, the master control panel plugs into your modem or router. Your home security system is linked to the critical monitoring service via your home computer. If your burglar alarm sounds, a signal is sent through the Internet to the monitoring facility.
  2. LAN line connections are still the most common way for home security systems to alert monitoring facilities. Most Americans still have LAN lines and have the choice to link to monitoring services through their telephone line or the Internet.
  3. Two-way voice command links your home with the monitoring facility via an intercom. The intercom service relies on traditional phone lines to work. If your alarm goes off, the monitoring facility speaks directly over the intercom to check on your well being. This option is especially appealing to seniors and shut-ins.



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