Keep Doors Locked When You Are Home

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Do I need to worry about security if I live in a safe neighborhood?

Keep Doors Locked When You Are Home

Living in a safe neighborhood will not make you immune to crime. Be aware of suspicious cars or people in your neighborhood and also teach your children to be safe.

  • Always keep doors locked. Don't assume that a burglar or intruder will avoid an occupied house.
  • Never allow strangers inside your house, even if they are wearing uniforms or asking for help.
  • Only let technicians in your house for pre-arranged visits. Ask to see company ID and a photo. If you still feel uncomfortable, ask a neighbor to stay with you until the service technician leaves.

  • Install a home security system. Burglar alarms are affordable and have a proven track record for preventing crime and keeping people safe. You can teach your children how to use the system.

  • Advise your children not to open the door when someone knocks without checking first to see who it is. The child should look through the window or a peep hole, or summon an adult to answer the door. If the visitor is a stranger, the child should not open the door, even if the person is asking for help or wearing a uniform.

  • Burglars may case a home to learn your routine. It's a good idea to vary your activities.

  • Invest in a home security system that will alert you or sound an alarm when any doors or windows are opened in restricted areas.



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