Home Temperature Sensors Offer Convenience

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What are the benefits to installing a home temperature sensor?

Home Temperature Sensors Offer Convenience

There are many benefits to having a temperature sensor in your home. The big factor is convenience.

They are easy to install and take batteries. They alert you to swings in temperatures that could wreak havoc in your home if unchecked.

The most common type of temperature sensor is a freeze sensor that lets you know when the temperature drops to levels that are dangerous to pets, plants and pipes. The alert may also be a signal that your heating system malfunctioned. Snowbirds like this product, because they can check on their summer home up north when they are wintering in a warmer climate.

Some temperature sensors detect heat as well and will alert you to rising temperatures that may indicate your air-conditioning is off. This is a vital function for people who live in extremely hot climates.

The only downside is that temperature sensors alert you to problems at home. They don't fix them. You will need to ask a trusted friend or neighbor to go to your home if you are away. In the very near future, expect to be able to monitor and control your home's functions from your personal computer, no matter where you are.



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