Crime Watch Is Not A Police Force

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Do you try and stop burglars yourself?

Crime Watch Is Not A Police Force

The absolute most important thing to remember as part of a neighborhood crime watch is that you are not the police! Community groups are meant to work with the police to make neighborhoods safer; they are not meant to act as police.

Officers have training and experience and they are the only ones who should approach criminals or attempt to intervene in the commission of a crime. As a member of a neighborhood watch program, it should be your goal to help communicate with local law enforcement and let them handle criminal activity.

Self-defense classes and weapons do not substitute for years of training, experience and judgment. Police work is very dangerous and should be left to professionals.

Your focus should be on safeguarding the neighborhood through home security systems, escort/driving services for safe traveling at night, adequate street and yard lighting, and other home safety issues.

If you see a crime being committed do the smart thing and contact your local police department. Do not attempt to stop a burglar yourself. The best thing you can do is protect your home with good burglar alarms and communicate regularly with other watch members.



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