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Eliminate Hiding Places For Burglars

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Do you have overgrown hedges and bushes in your yard?

Eliminate Hiding Places For Burglars

Home security does not stop the minute you step outside the front door. The quality of your yard maintenance also affects your family‘s safety. You do not have to have a green thumb to realize that home security involves your entire property.

If you have hedges, bushes, gardens or trees in your lawn, it is important to keep them trimmed and neat. You want to eliminate places that a burglar might be able to hide while trying to break into your home.

The path from your yard to the house must also be kept clear and open. There should be no place for a burglar to jump out from and surprise you on your way into the house. Any bushes or gardens that border the path should be kept low enough so that you can see the other side clearly.

By keeping the soil and grass in your yard fresh and taken care of, it is much easier to notice disturbances like footprints made by trespassers. When there is no place for a burglar to hide they are forced out into the open. This increases the likelihood that you or a neighbor might see them, and visibility is a significant deterrent to burglars.



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