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Let Trusted Neighbors Know When You're Away

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Did you tell trusted neighbors you would be away?

Let Trusted Neighbors Know When You're Away

Everyone deserves a vacation now and then, but no one deserves to return to a home that has been burglarized. So before you board that plane, train or automobile, talk to your neighbors and neighborhood watch. Let them know where you will be and how long you will be gone.

Members of the neighborhood watch can do a few extra walkthroughs on your street to make sure there is nothing suspicious going on. Your neighbors can keep an eye out to make sure no one is on your property that should not be.

If you do not communicate your plans to someone they may not think it's necessary to keep an eye out for your house. By telling people you trust that you will be away for a while you can have the peace of mind that someone is looking out for your security at home.

Whomever you choose to tell, be sure to also add them to your emergency contact list. That way your home's security system company can inform them of any incidents. Having a next-door neighbor or member of the crime watch on your contact list is a great way to help secure your home.



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