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Medical Pendants Access Help Immediately in an Emergency

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How do medical pendants work?

Medical Pendants Access Help Immediately in an Emergency

Sometimes a simple home security system is not enough. Customize your home security needs with products that fit your lifestyle and stage in life.

For example, young families may want to add a door chime to their home security systems. Doors leading to the outdoors will chime when opened, so parents know if young children or toddlers wander off.

Likewise, seniors and shut-ins appreciate medical pendants that are actually wireless devices for alerting a home monitoring service to a health emergency.

The pendants are worn as a necklace or are clipped on waistband, so they are easy to access. They have a panic button that summons help with one touch. The device is particularly helpful to people who have high-risk medical conditions and need immediate help in an emergency.



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