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Driveway Alarms Alert You to Vehicles on Your Property

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What are driveway alarms?

Driveway Alarms Alert You to Vehicles on Your Property

Wireless driveway alarms let you know the moment someone pulls onto your property. Driveway alarms serve many purposes. Check out the ways they can benefit a homeowner. These devices:

  • Help people whose homes are some distance from their driveway entrance.
  • Are practical for homeowners whose property is obscured by trees or other buildings.
  • Alert residents to delivery trucks and visitors in their driveway.
  • Add another layer of protection. With driveway alarms, you do not need to live in a gated community for protection.
Depending on the model, driveway alarms are effective from 1,000 feet to two miles from your home. They use a tone, not an alarm, to let you know a vehicle has pulled onto your property. Some let you talk through an intercom system. Others come with a camera for monitoring.

Driveway alarms need a transmitter and a receiver to work. Typically, the transmitter detects the vehicle with infrared equipment. It sends a signal to the receiver inside your home.

Choose a handheld model or a standard model that can be mounted on a gate, depending on your needs. Handheld models are suitable if you have security guards.



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