Monitored Alarm Systems Summon Help When Needed

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What is the benefit of a monitored burglar alarm?

Monitored Alarm Systems Summon Help When Needed

When you shop for home security, consider a monitored system. Without monitoring, the burglar alarm simply sounds inside your house to scare off intruders and alert occupants to a problem.

Worse, false alarms can irritate neighbors, especially when no one is home to disarm the system. Some municipalities fine residents whose home and car alarms misfire frequently.

Just like Chicken Little, who warned once too often that the sky was falling, an unmonitored alarm is less likely to protect your property when you need it.

The solution is monitored home security, which protects your home round-the-clock.

Here's how it works:

  1. Your security system is linked to the monitoring facility by your telephone line or Internet connection.
  2. When security is breached, the monitoring facility is signaled.
  3. The monitoring service will attempt to verify an emergency.
  4. You and others on your emergency list are immediately contacted. Local authorities are summoned if necessary.



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