Prevent Burglaries Before They Happen

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Do I really need to think about home security, if I live in a safe neighborhood?

Prevent Burglaries Before They Happen

Whether you live in a castle or cabin, there is no guarantee you always will be safe.

If you worry a lot about personal safety, it may be time time to enhance home security and provide the sense of comfort you need. Here are some tips to help your secure your home:

  • The best security is prevention. Make your home unwelcome to intruders. Criminals are opportunists. Studies show they are more likely to bypass your house if there are barriers and risks to gaining entry.
  • Improving outdoor lighting, trimming shrubbery, and owning a dog that barks at disturbances can help. But to be truly safe, consider a monitored home security system that offers oversight of your home 24/7.
  • Monitored security systems are designed to detect the first sign of danger, and take quick action to alert local authorities. Security companies provide customers with signs and stickers to post on windows and at entryways, so would-be intruders know their movements will be noticed and they may be caught.



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