Insurers May Discount Premiums for Homes with Security

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Can I get a discount on my insurance for installing a security system?

Insurers May Discount Premiums for Homes with Security

Who knows better about the risks of home ownership than insurance companies?

Insurance companies are so confident in the effectiveness of home security systems that they typically discount the cost of coverage after owners or renters install a quality system.

  • Ask your home security system dealer to provide a certificate as proof your new protection package.
  • Expect up to a 10 percent discount for a simple burglar alarm system and deadbolt locks, though discounts vary by insurer. Discounts can rise up to 20 percent if you have a monitored security system.
  • Also ask your insurer about potential discounts for installing smoke detectors and sprinklers.
  • Check with your insurer to make sure you are getting the discounts you currently qualify for and to learn about additional discounts when you add or upgrade a security system.



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