Driveway Alarms Can Protect RVs and Boats

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How can a driveway motion detector provide extra security?

Driveway Alarms Can Protect RVs and Boats

Driveway alarm motion detectors let you know when people or vehicles are on your property.

These devices can be used to provide security at entrances, garages, driveways or barns. Use them to protect boats, RVs, trucks and mailboxes.

Look for a system that includes:

  • Passive infrared motion sensor and receiver.
  • DIY installation.
  • Ranges that match your need. Expect to find motion sensors with a 30-foot detection range that can send a signal 1,200 feet away to a receiver.
  • Shields that protect the devices in rain or snow.
  • Sound control for the tones that alert you to vehicles or people.
  • Wireless sensors that use household batteries.
  • Optional add-ons for more sensors.



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