It's Easy to Set Automated Temperature Alarm System

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How do I program my phone to link with my temperature alarm?

It's Easy to Set Automated Temperature Alarm System

Complete home temperature alarms that use conventional phone lines appeal to consumers for their ease of operation.

Once the system is up and running you can monitor the temperature of your home with a simple phone call. You also get automated alerts by phone if your home's temperature rises or falls beyond preset limits.

Here's how to set up a typical phone-based temperature alarm system:

  • Place the sensor where you want to monitor temperature in your home.
  • Plug in the system's phone line. You will use the keypad on your home phone to program the automated temperature alarm system.
  • Call up the system from another phone line, and follow the instructions in the voice menu. You will program in contact numbers where you can be reached by the automated system in an emergency. You also will program in the high and low temperature settings for your home.
  • The automated system will phone warnings to your contact list every 20 minutes when the temperature in your home rises or falls beyond programmed limits. It will continue to make the calls until you make contact and enter a password.



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