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Where To Place Smoke/Co2 Detectors

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Where should I put detectors and how many should I use?

Where To Place Smoke/Co2 Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have to be placed strategically around the house if you want them to be as effective as possible in protecting your family. While the minimum recommendation is one of each for every floor, the truth is more are needed to completely safeguard a home.

You would not expect the same amount of food for one child to feed two adults, so it is not reasonable to think that one smoke detector that covers a house with four rooms can do the same job for a house with 12.

If you want to maximize your fire and carbon monoxide safety there should be a detector in every bedroom, especially a child's room. Offices with computers, living rooms with home entertainment centers, and other areas with a lot of electronics and wiring should have detectors as well. Electronics can sometimes surge or overheat and start fires, so installing detectors in these areas is smart.

Avoid placing smoke detectors in areas where you might get regular false alarms, like directly over an oven. Heat detectors, which sense steep rises in temperature, should also not be put near ovens, clothes dryers, or bathrooms where taking a hot shower could accidentally set them off.



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