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How Smoke Detectors Work With Home Security Alarms

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How does a smoke detector work with my wireless security alarm?

How Smoke Detectors Work With Home Security Alarms

Smoke detectors can work wirelessly with Protect America home security systems. When the presence of smoke is picked up, the detector sounds a built-in siren to warn you. There will be a short delay in case this was due to smoke from a candle being blown out or an overcooked box of macaroni and cheese. This gives you time to try and clear away smoke from around the device and stop the siren.

After that delay, if the smoke remains, the detector will send a signal to your wireless security system, and another siren will sound through your command station. This will be much louder in order to make anyone in the house and nearby neighbors aware that there may be a fire.

Once the second siren goes off there will be another brief delay, during which you can enter your pass code into the command station to stop the alarm. If you do not enter the code within that time, a signal will be transmitted to the monitoring facility and emergency help will be dispatched immediately.

In the case of a potential fire, the alarm company will not call your home to verify the state of emergency as they would with a burglar alarm. This is done to avoid wasting valuable time while a fire puts your house and life in danger.

Carbon monoxide detectors can also communicate wirelessly with your system, though they do need to be plugged into a power outlet.



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