Making Children Feel Safe In the Neighborhood

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What steps can I take to make my children feel safe in the neighborhood?

Making Children Feel Safe In the Neighborhood

It is important to make sure that child safety extends beyond the home and into the entire neighborhood. That's why you should make sure that your children know and are comfortable with your neighbors.

In case of an emergency they should be able to go to a neighbor's house. If a burglar attempts to break in while your children are home they should have a place where they feel safe. Come up with a family plan for what to do in instances like this and make sure you are keeping your kids safe.

This plan should include the following:

  • Where to go
  • Numbers to call
  • Entrances/exits in the house to use
Remember to periodically review these things with your children so they know what to do should the need arise.

Make sure to teach them early on important emergency contact numbers, including 911, neighbors, family members, etc. Let them know when it is appropriate to use these numbers.



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