Keeping Your Yard Safe For Kids

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Keeping Your Yard Safe For Kids

Gates and fences surrounding your yard can help to keep burglars out, but they can also help to keep your children safely inside. Make sure to keep these locked with child-proof locks to avoid children wandering outside and getting lost or hurt.

Metal gates can rust over time from weather conditions and age. These can be dangerous to adults and children, so use rust remover and keep the gate in good repair to avoid cuts and infections.

Wooden gates should be properly sanded and painted so they cannot cause injuries to children. If your gate is old and may have lead pain on it, strip the paint and replace it with a fresh coat that is lead-free. Lead-based paint is a danger to child safety at home.

You can also place motion sensors in your yard so your child cannot go past a certain point without your supervision. While the primary use for these is stopping burglars from entering your property, they are a lot of help in keeping your kids safe in more basic ways.



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