Always Be Reachable For Your Kids

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Can your kids get in touch with you when you are not home?

Always Be Reachable For Your Kids

When kids get older and more mature you may allow them to be home alone under certain conditions. Even if your teenagers are mature and responsible, they are not yet adults. They may need your help for something while you are not there.

If you are at work or running errands or anything that might take you away from home while your kids are there alone, keep in regular contact with them. Make sure they know your cell phone number in case they need you, and make it a point to call them whenever you can.

Ask if everything is okay. Did they set the home security alarm? Did they eat dinner? Did they lock the doors and windows?

Even the most responsible of teens may forget something or need your help. Leave a list of phone numbers on the fridge that they might need. These can include your cell phone or work numbers, the number of the restaurant you are eating dinner at, a neighbor, a family member, etc.

Let them know when you will be back and that they should call you immediately if there is a problem. Home security is important all the time, but especially when your kids are home without you. Do everything you can in keeping teens safe.



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