Sweating the Heat & the Thief

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Do you have a window fan or air conditioner in your home?

Sweating the Heat & the Thief

Trying to stay cool in the summer with an air conditioner that sits in your window? If so, the heat is not the only thing you should be thinking about. A window that is open to accommodate an air conditioner is a prime target for burglars.

Not everyone has the option of central air in their homes, so these types of air conditioners are very common. The window is already open and the air conditioner can be pulled out, providing easy access to the house. Window fans make it even easier for thieves, since they are considerably lighter weight and less of a hassle to remove. However, the proper positioning of motion detectors can solve this problem for you.

Motion detectors can be placed inside to enhance window security. They will not pick up any movement outside the window, but detectors that come with Protect America alarm systems can be placed in the room where the window air conditioner is located so that if an intruder removed the air conditioning unit and entered, the motion would detect the intruder.

Now you can protect yourself from the heat and protect your house from burglars at the same time. You shouldn't have to sweat the heat or the thief.



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