Tenant Associations

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Is there a tenant association in your building?

Tenant Associations

The benefit of knowing your neighbors does not just apply to houses in the suburbs. Apartment buildings are their own kind of neighborhood. Get to know the people that live in your building.

If there is a tenant association that is a perfect place to start. It is similar to a local neighborhood watch. Join the group and start attending their meetings. If there is no such organization, talk to your neighbors about starting one.

Groups like this help people living in condos and apartment buildings maintain safe communities. When you know the people that live in your building it is easy to spot people who do not. Recognizing strangers in the building can prevent break-ins and other criminal activity.

Unless you recognize someone as a resident, do not let the person into your building. Letting unauthorized people through the door can often lead to burglaries, vandalism and more. If access to your building is not secure, talk to your landlord about getting this resolved with stronger locks and reinforced glass or steel doors.

Home alarm services for apartments are very effective, and alarm companies may provide a discount if multiple people in the same building order systems. This can net you a discount on renter's insurance and improve security at the same time.



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