Spare Me ... A Key

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Where should I leave a spare key to the house?

Spare Me ... A Key

Everyone has one of those days where the brain and body seem to be detached and you lose your keys or lock them inside your car. It happens. Some people hide a spare key outside their house somewhere, but this leaves the possibility of the wrong person finding it.

The best thing to do is give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or member of the local neighborhood watch. It is better to leave a key to your home in a secured place like a neighbor's house rather than under a welcome mat in front of your door … unless you want a burglar to feel welcome.

Another option would be to leave an extra key inside your car. Assuming you are not locked out of your car as well, you can grab the key from the glove compartment and go right in. This eliminates the possibility of someone finding your key in an unsecured location and using it to enter your house and clean you out.

Whichever route you take, getting to know your neighbors and being comfortable with leaving them a spare can help avoid a lot of headaches. Everything from losing your keys to emergency situations when you need them to get into your house can be made much easier.



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