Strong Door Locks

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Do you have a strong lock on your door?

Strong Door Locks

Your average apartment complex, especially older buildings, generally do not use the best door locks right off the bat. Adding a newer and stronger lock is a great way to compliment your home security system, but it is never a substitute for an alarm.

If the door to your apartment is splintered, damaged or just not up to snuff, talk to your landlord about getting it repaired or replaced. The idea is to place as many barriers (locks, doors, alarm systems, etc.) as possible between your home and would-be burglars.

A steel-reinforced door lock will not do much good if the door itself falls apart like Mr. Potato Head at the sight of a bag of Lays. There are many different options when shopping for a new lock, including deadbolts that require a key to lock and unlock on both sides of the door.

If you are not sure what the best option is for you, ask your alarm company what they recommend to compliment your alarm and increase renter's security. And always make sure to let your landlord know what you plan to install just so there are no problems later on.



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