Ideas for a Safety Starter Kit

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Ideas for a Safety Starter Kit

Here is a list of items offered in a Child Safety Starter Kit. You don't actually have to buy the kit to get great ideas about where to start when child proofing your home. Think about protecting each of these areas:

* Sponge Tape for Sharp Edges
* Grippy Tub/Shower Stickers
* Bath Thermometer
* Glass Door Stickers
* CPR/Choking Fridge Magnet
* Door Stops
* Outlet Plugs
* Drawer Latches
* VCR Lock
* Door Knob Grips
* Cabinet Flex Lock
* Door finger Guards
* Appliances Latches
* Corner Cover
* Cord Wind-Ups
* Babysitter Guide Book
* Stove Knob Covers
* Cabinet Slide Lock
* Two Touch Outlet Covers
* Complete Instruction Booklet



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