How about my keys?

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Where can I hide my keys?

How about my keys?

There has to be a better way to hide your extra keys than under the welcome mat!

Consider a couple of innovative alternatives. If you have a garden near the door, a company makes a hollow rock that can blend in with the rest of the landscape. Only you will know that when you turn that rock over, the back slides open to get your extra door key out.

There is also a flower pot safe. It is made of plastic and you can actually plant flowers in it. But the water reservoir tray unscrews to reveal a surprisingly large jar upside down in the dirt. You can put your valuables, keys, notes for the kids getting home or other nifty things inside and put it back where you got it. No thief would have a clue.

One more idea. There are cans of common products that have bottoms that unscrew to reveal that the interior is actually a safe. Consider a can of "engine cleaner" or ScotchGuard to hide in the garage with your extra door or car keys hidden inside. They will be safe from anybody tries to find them.



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